What is 'Refurbished'

A refurbished bike by definition is a bike which has gone through our 30 point inspection and had anything replaced or repaired bringing it back to ‘good as new’ condition.

The 30 point inspection:


Check for frame damage

Check for rear rack damage

Straight handlebars

Kickstand works correctly / adjusted to correct height

Pedal bearings okay (change if unstable)

Crank arms straight

Check suspension

All bolts tightened

Reflectors front & back

Test battery lock


Test motor

Test brake sensors (at least one functioning)

Check for loose connections and physical damage to cables

Lights work and firmly fastened

Check battery and battery charger (ensure fully charged)


Wheels are tight, straight and have no physical damage

Tyres above 70% tread

Tyres pumped up to correct pressure

Brakes above 70% with alligator pads adjusted correctly

Disc brakes not warped

Check tension of spokes

Mudguards not rubbing and centred


Chainring straight

Gears changing smoothly

Chain not stretched past 0.5mm

Check bottom bracket

Hanger straight (8-Speed)

Check rear hub (3-Speed)

Nexus hub adjusted correctly (3-Speed)

Clean and oil chain


Deep clean

Touch up black and white surfaces

Test lock and clean rust with WD40

This work is done by our qualified bike mechanics and is double checked before any bike leaves the workshop or is put on show for sale. See our video of how we go through this checklist here.